RIAFN is a cinematic journey into the soundscape of the Alps between artistic ideal and documentarian realism.

/ documentary / sound recordist /

A nasty camera follows its protagonists in a one-take through the hustle and bustle of Berlin-Kreuzberg at dawn. A short film by Otto Lazić-Reuschel.


/ short film / light /

As part of their daily routine, two German craftsmen build a concentration camp for a foreign film production company. We ask ourselves how (un) political a setting can be?

/ short film / 1. Camera Assistant /

Outside a brasserie, the classic tango songs of an old accordion player are overpowered by the blaring techno beats of a young DJ. A moment of dissonance occurs as the two compete to make their sounds heard. Only through listening and mutual respect for one another's genres can the two musicians come together to make a new song, inspiring unity and dance.


/ short film / 2. Camera Assistant /

The excessive demands of this society force a young man to escape from this normality. He finds shelter in a remote cabin in the woods, in the middle of nowhere. There he discovers a useless piece of wood. In this surrounding he becomes another personality, which allows him to leave behind conventions and to start all over again.


/ music video / director, dop, editor /

Eggs, blender, brush, baking dish - Freddy has already tried to convince tough Sarah four times. But whenever he rings the doorbell and you stand in front of him, he can't help but pull himself out of the affair with an excuse. Now comes his last attempt ...


/ short film / 1. Camera Assistant /

“You don't become an actress, you are an actress!” - the main thing is that you get cast. Woe to anyone who doesn't take this process seriously or doesn't appreciate it. Because the loveless waiting caves of the auditions are full of energetic competition and restless assistance.

/ short film / 1. Camera Assistant /

We are nestled in the middle of a spectacular landscape and one of the oldest crags of the Dolomites. My friend Günther Karbon, a former strongly profiled competition climber, had the desire to make a short climbing of one of his most beloved lines - "Lo Spreco". It is a really athletic and technical sport climbing route in Pian Schiavaneis, marked as 8c+. Filip Schenk, the current Youth World Boulder Champion, also sent the project. 

/ climbing video / director, dop, editor /

/ music video / director, dop, editor /


/  live concert / director, dop, editor /


 / event spot / dop /

/ music video / 1. Camera Assistant /


/ music video / 2. Camera Assistant /

/ political talkshow / operator /